Dr. Johnson and his staff have been very accommodating for my prosthetic work. I was referred to him by the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasia ( He was very responsive and willing to work with me as an out of state patient and to make sure my treatment goals were met. He went out of his way to answer all of my questions and advise me on my dental implant options. He also coordinated the implant procedure with an oral surgeon in the area (Mission Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery).

My procedure and follow up work took place during the pandemic, and I always felt safe in his office (temp checks at the door and ionizers in the rooms). Dr. Johnson always had availability to see me and even answer my calls after hours when I felt there was an issue (following surgery). His staff are cordial and professional; always willing to go the extra mile whether it be with scheduling or making me feel comfortable in the chair. I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his staff to others considering "all on four" dental implants. -SH

Dr. Johnson is a true professional. Before choosing who to go to I found out there are only a handful of prosthodontists in San Diego County. I chose the best because Dr. Johnson is very considerate and put in the extra care to make sure I was happy with the outcome. He is truly an expert at all he does. His whole staff is excellent, and his office manager Donna makes you feel comfortable the minute you walk through the door. She goes out of her way to make you feel special. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his staff for the best service available. -EH

Dr. Johnson does incredible work and truly cares about his patients. He not only is naturally gifted but also has the education, credentials, experience, and knowledge to be the best prosthodontist in the United States, if not the world. There is no case so severe that he would not be able to treat. A true miracle worker. He also has an incredible staff- the office manager, assistant, and lab technician are very professional and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I feel extremely fortunate to be his patient.-NJ

We (My spouse I) have been patients of Dr. Johnson going on 10+ years. My spouse has had 3 implants & several crowns all with excellent outcomes. I have received a full mouth restoration of some 28 crowns completed about 3 years ago. Whew! It was quite an experience. I'm most pleased with the end result. I regularly receive compliments on how natural my teeth look especially from my hygienist. In addition to looking great they work well after the initial adjustments were completed. Dr. Johnson continues to follow up and provides ongoing care and maintenance. He has stood behind his word and work whenever there has been an issue. We feel confident we receive the very best work & service from Dr. Johnson & staff. We highly recommend him for any prosthodontic needs. Dr. Johnson's professionalism and work ethic is beyond reproach. He will work with you and your needs and has payment plans to fit most budgets. -CD

I have been going to Dr. Johnson for several years now and he is an exemplary prosthodontist. I had a catastrophe with my partials some years ago and no one, but no one could resolve my situation. I was referred to Dr. Johnson and life and my dental conditions have been very fulfilling and rewarding. Dr. Johnson always seems to come up with a solution to the problem. Creating new partials, filling gaps, placing support post in place, he solves the problem. He is very creative and persistent in getting the job done. Make no mistake, Dr. Johnson will find a solution. He is professional and task orientated with a little humor on the side. He also has wonderful reading materials in office. Dr. Johnson is assisted by a knowledgeable and friendly staff who go the extra mile to make you feel completely comfortable. I can't say enough good about Dr. Johnson, but if you want your dental problem resolved then he is your man. Thank you for your time and efforts for me. -OB

I highly recommend Dr. Peter Johnson and staff who making a custom bridge for me. For several years I lived with 2 missing teeth that made it difficult to eat and embarrassing for me when I smiled. After several years of research, I was directed to Dr. Johnson. He made a custom bridge for me to accommodate my unique situation. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his staff for their excellent work as well as their attention to service and the individual personal needs. -VT

I was researching for a new dentist in the area since I am new to La Mesa. Not only a dentist but a prosthodontist. On the website I was already impressed with Dr. Johnson’s qualifications, but in person he really surpassed my expectations. Besides that, Donna, the front desk lady at his office is not only polite and courteous, but always available to help us. She was incredibly helpful with a personal matter, and I just knew I was in great hands and being helped by a very trustworthy professional. I am very grateful to Dr. Johnson and Donna. -PK

I'm don't normally write reviews, but I want to publicly recognize Dr. Peter Johnson's knowledge and skill and to share my positive experience with his team. Before I became a patient at SDDIS, I had long-standing problems with my prosthetic teeth. Under Dr. Johnson's care, my problem was solved and I finally feel that I have properly aligned jaws and effective full dental implants. I am completely satisfied with the care I receive from Dr. Johnson and his team! -MV

Dr. Peter Johnson knows the meaning of customer care! About 25 years ago I had an implant put in, recently the abutment screw became stripped and needed to be replaced. I found out that they didn’t make the abutment screw anymore locally. However, Dr Johnson managed to find the manufacture and ordered it for me. He went above and beyond, as other dentists did not. Everyone at the office is awesome and really follow up with their patients. I will continue as a satisfied customer and will be referring friends and family!-MR

I had a great experience at Dr. Johnson's office for sleep apnea. His expertise was impressive, and he was thorough and attentive. My sleep apnea problem is now cured - he fitted a device for inside my mouth that pulls my jaw out while I sleep. Amazing! The staff and Donna, the front desk/scheduler, were friendly and more than accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Johnson - he is very professional and truly a nice person. Thumbs up!-PR

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for almost 7 years now. I am a very unique patient as typically Dr. Johnson is preparing these specialized dentures for much older individuals. I was 25 years old when I needed a full oral replacement due to a genetic disorder called Dentinogenesis imperfecta. This was a tough experience for someone my age to have to go through, but Dr. Johnson and his team made the experience something to remember. From the first appointment Dr. Johnson was open, honest, and with no other word to describe it better very BLUNT with me. He was honest about all of the options and to my surprise did not suggest the most expensive option for me. Looking into my age and history we found a middle package that met the needs I had and would also hold up the best over my lifetime. Without Dr. Johnson I do not know where I would be in my battle with my old teeth, but I am so grateful I don't have to worry about that. If you have the option, make Dr. Johnson your choice! -MM

Please add five (5) more stars to Dr. Peter Johnson's review. An emergency dental implant emergency led me to Dr. Johnson. Six implants initially implanted in Toronto, Canada, lost their grip and my entire upper appliance fell out! Dr. Johnson's perseverance, patience, and determination to help me were impressive and remarkable. Dr. Johnson's team was kind, helpful, accommodating and, most important, managed to solve what seemed to be an impossible puzzle. I am coming back from Toronto for a follow up with Dr. Johnson in September... that is how much faith I have in his ability to solve my problem. -PS