Use it or Lose it! Maximize Insurance Benefits Before 2020

With Halloween right around the corner, many families are picking out spooky costumes and decorating their homes with fake cobwebs. However, the little ghouls and goblins that will soon be trick-or-treating in your neighborhood are not the scariest thing about this season. Did you know that your annual dental insurance benefits are set to expire at the end of the year? Yikes indeed! Fortunately, it is not too late to get the most out of your insurance plan. If you want to learn how to maximize your dental insurance benefits before the year’s end, check out the information below from a prosthodontist in San Diego.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Treatment

It’s time to get that filling your dentist recommended or whiten your teeth before snapping the family photo for this year’s holiday card. The latter months of the year is the perfect time to start treatments, including dental implant treatment to fill the gaps in your smile. This is especially true if you have already met your annual deductible – the amount you must pay before your dental insurance coverage kicks in. If your deductible is already paid but your annual coverage remains, the out-of-pocket expenses for extensive restorative treatments will be dramatically reduced.

How to Split Treatment Costs Over Two Years

If you do begin the dental implant procedure or another restorative treatment in the next few months, you can also split the cost over two years. Dental insurance coverage typically renews at the beginning of each year – with your current benefits expiring on December 31st. So, one way to maximize your insurance benefits and save money is to start restorative treatment now and use up your remaining benefits for this year. Then, you can take advantage of your renewed benefits once the calendar turns over and you’ve met your annual deductible.

Why Preventive Care is 100% Worth It

Even if you do not have a toothache or other specific dental concern, it is still worth it to schedule a dental checkup in the coming months – and it may not cost you a penny! Most dental plans cover routine preventive care 100%. A biannual dental exam is a great opportunity to have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined for any potential problems.

Before the holidays really kick into gear and your schedule gets crazy, now is the time to take care of any nagging dental issues. Putting off minor issues until next year can allow them to worsen and develop into more serious problems. More serious dental problems can come with more serious costs! Protect your dental health and potentially save yourself some money in the long-term by visiting a dentist before the end of the year for a checkup and cleaning.

Remember, with dental insurance benefits, it’s “use it or lose it!.” Don’t let your benefits vanish at the end of the year. Talk to a prosthodontist in San Diego today to get started on the dental treatment you need.

About the Author

A proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Peter F. Johnson went on to serve his country after college in the U.S. Naval Dental Corps. Today, Dr. Johnson serves the Greater San Diego community by providing quality oral care as a board-certified prosthodontist. He and his team are happy to help patients make the most of their dental insurance benefits. Patients old and new can contact Dr. Johnson by visiting his website or calling 619-463-3737.

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