What is a Dental Prosthetic Lab?

A dental prosthetic lab provides specialized, custom-made prosthetic devices to patients who have missing or damaged teeth. These prosthetic devices are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, and can include a variety of options such as dentures, bridges, and implants. By offering these high-quality prosthetic devices, our lab helps patients regain their confidence and restore their ability to eat and speak normally. Whether you need a single tooth replaced or a full set of dentures, Our lab can work with you to create a personalized solution that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Why would services be needed from a Dental Prosthetic Lab?

A dental prosthetic lab is a specialized facility that provides prosthetic devices for patients who have missing or damaged teeth. These conditions can have a significant impact on a patient's daily life, affecting their ability to eat, speak, or smile comfortably. Prosthetic devices manufactured in a dental prosthetic lab aim to restore the normal function of the teeth and improve the appearance of the patient's smile. These devices may include dental implants, dentures, bridges, or crowns, depending on the specific needs of the patient. A dental prosthetic lab is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained professionals who work together to create personalized solutions that meet each patient's unique needs.

Who would be a candidate for a Dental Prosthetic Lab prosthesis?

Dental prostheses are made for patients who have missing or damaged teeth because of injury, decay, or disease. These conditions can make it difficult for them to carry out basic dental functions, such as eating, speaking, or smiling. Prosthetic devices can help alleviate these issues, and they may be especially beneficial for patients who experience difficulty with these tasks due to their dental conditions.

What happens during a Dental Prosthesis procedure?

During your procedure, Dr. Johnson will start by taking impressions of the patient's mouth to create a custom prosthetic device. This step is necessary to ensure that the device fits comfortably and accurately matches the color and shape of the patient's natural teeth. After the impressions are taken, Dr. Johnson will send them to a dental lab where the prosthetic device will be fabricated. Once the device is ready, the patient will return to our office for fittings and adjustments. This is to ensure that the prosthetic device is comfortable and fully functional, allowing the patient to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Dr. Johnson will work closely with the patient during this process to ensure that the prosthetic device looks and feels as natural as possible.

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