What Is an Occlusal Mouthguard?

Mouthguards can help patients that suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding, and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and associated muscular pain. Occlusal mouthguards help to protect your teeth while you sleep to prevent them from the damage of grinding or clenching down.

How Does an Occlusal Mouthguard Work?

An occlusal mouthguard protects the surface of your teeth and prevents the teeth from damage due to grinding and clenching, usually done unconsciously during sleep. For patients suffering from the pain of Nocturnal Bruxism, the guard can be fabricated to lessen the noxious forces on the teeth to a more favorable arrangement to relieve the stress on the muscles of the face and thus the pain that is often associated with TMD conditions. Occlusal guards are made out of a hard acrylic plastic and are durable in order to be able to withstand the extreme forces of teeth grinding. Our mouthguards are custom made to fit your mouth, do not cause irritation, and are comfortable when worn. Occlusal mouthguards allow you to sleep soundly while protecting your teeth.

What Are the Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard?

Custom mouthguards are more effective compared to store bought guards, but they are custom fit to your mouth shape and size. At San Diego Dentures & Implant Specialists, we provide a detailed consultation to discuss what type of mouthguard may work best for you. Depending on your need, and the condition of your teeth, will determine which mouthguard is preferred. We take molds of your teeth, and our process can make you a comfortable guard that is durable. Our mouthguards can properly protect your teeth either during the day or at night. Our guards are comfortable, and we ensure the guard fits snug to avoid irritation.

Interested in Finding Out More?

If you are interested in finding out more about occlusal or sports mouthguards, San Diego Dentures & Implant Specialists can help. We provide a detailed consultation to determine what type of guard will work best and give the highest level of care to all of our patients. Our facility uses state of the art technology and equipment, in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

If you grind your teeth at night, we encourage you to make an appointment to see how a mouthguard can benefit you.

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