Dental Offices: How They’re Staying Clean Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Worried about going to see your prosthodontist in San Diego amid the COVID-19 outbreak? While this global virus is creating new challenges for both patients and dentists, emergencies continue to occur and require immediate attention when they do. If you are dealing with a problem surrounding your dental implant, dentures, crown, bridge, or other restoration, how can you be sure that you’ll be walking into a dentist’s office that is clean and safe? Read on to find out.

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When you arrive for your appointment, don’t be surprised if you see all staff members wearing a face mask and gloves. This form of PPE is required to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. But once you get settled into a treatment room, your prosthodontist and fellow team members may be wearing protective eyewear, a face mask and/or shield, and a disposable gown as well.

Increasing Sterilization and Disinfecting Efforts

Dental instruments and equipment are constantly being used throughout the day. If your dental professional is unable to use those that allow for one usage before being discarded, team members will follow the proper manufacturing instructions to disinfect and sanitize before reusing.

Keeping Patients Informed with Adequate Signage

From the moment you walk through the doors, additional signage will be posted throughout the office to inform patients of the new safety precautions and protocols. From proper handwashing techniques to ways to practice effective social distancing to the importance of wearing a mask while waiting, all information will be clearly posted.

Engaging in Appropriate Hand Hygiene

While you can expect to be reminded of the importance of washing your hands (correctly) and/or using hand sanitizer, your dental team will be actively engaging in the same process much more regularly. Not only will they be washing their hands before and after seeing a patient, but they will also do this:

Before and after putting on gloves

After touching any surfaces, instruments, or equipment with bare hands

When their hands are soiled

If you feel apprehensive about the idea of visiting your prosthodontist, don’t be afraid to call your dental office and speak with a member of the team. Make sure you have all your questions answered so that you can feel more confident and comfortable about your decision to seek necessary treatment should an emergency arise.

About the Author

Dr. Peter Johnson is a board-certified prosthodontist who earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine. He and his team at San Diego Dental & Implant Specialists understand this is an uncertain and even anxiety-filled time for many individuals. However, should an emergency arise and require that you seek immediate help, you can trust that Dr. Johnson is taking the extra steps to maintain a healthy office. Following measures put forth by the CDC, you can feel confident that your oral health is in good hands and your safety is the number one priority. If you believe you need emergency care, contact us at (619) 463-3737.

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