5 Dangers of Choosing Discounted Dental Implants

5 Dangers of Choosing Discounted Dental Implants

Discount tags for Dental implants in San Diego are a big investment because they can last forever with the right care. Unfortunately, they can be quite costly upfront. Many people try to find the cheapest option, but are bargain implants really the best decision for your smile? Although you’ll save money initially, discounted dental implants can lead to expensive complications down the road. Here are 5 risks of choosing the price over quality.

1. Increased Risk of Infection

Dental implants are the most reliable solution to treat tooth loss with the risk of failure less than 5%. The most common cause of failure is a preventable infection called peri-implantitis, but that isn’t the only threat to the success of the treatment. A milder infection called implant mucositis can progress to peri-implantitis if it isn’t treated. The risk of implant mucositis has been shown to be higher when cheap dental implants are used.

2. Poor Osseointegration

An implant post is surgically placed into your jaw to act as a new root. It will stimulate your jaw to promote bone growth. Your jaw will fuse to it through a process called osseointegration. Most implant dentists recommend using titanium posts because the material is bio-compatible, so it integrates well with the body. Using posts made of other materials can cause improper healing, which can lead to dental implant failure after just a few weeks.

3. Breaks and Fractures

Although titanium is lightweight, it is durable. It can withstand the pressure of biting and chewing. Other metals don’t have the same strength, so they can break under pressure. Even a small fracture can cause your dental implants to fail. You can safeguard your new smile by paying a little more for high-quality products.

4. Higher Dental Expenses

In your effort to save money, the dangers of getting dental implants for cheap can strain your wallet because you can develop complex oral health issues. If your new smile doesn’t thrive, you can anticipate expensive dental bills to repair the damage to restore your oral health.

5. Damage to the Sinus Cavity

A maxillary sinus is located on either side of your face by the back upper molars. Paying a cheaper fee for a dentist who doesn’t specialize in the procedure can lead to simple mistakes, like overlooking bone loss. As a result, the implant posts can protrude into the sinus cavity, which can cause significant complications. It’s better to pay more for a reputable dentist who is experienced and qualified to ensure your dental implants have the sturdy foundation they need.

Don’t compromise the success of your dental implants. Focus on quality instead of the price tag when choosing a dentist to replace your lost teeth.

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