What are Same Day Dentures?

Same Day Dentures is a highly efficient dental service that caters to patients who require a prompt and convenient solution to their dental problems. With this service, patients can receive a brand new set of dentures that are carefully crafted and fitted in just one day. This means that patients can enjoy a hassle-free experience without having to wait for a long time to get their dental issues resolved. Same Day Dentures is particularly beneficial for patients who have missing teeth or damaged dentures and are seeking a quick and reliable solution to restore their dental health and confidence.

Why would Same Day Dentures be needed?

There are many reasons why a patient may need Same Day Dentures. Perhaps they have lost teeth due to injury or decay, or their current dentures have become damaged or worn out. Same Day Dentures offer a quick and convenient solution to these issues, allowing patients to leave the dentist's office with a brand new set of dentures in just one day.

Who would be a candidate for Same Day Dentures?

Same Day Dentures are a great option for patients who need a quick solution to missing teeth or damaged dentures. They are also ideal for patients who have a busy schedule and cannot afford to take time off work to have traditional dentures made and fitted.

What happens during the Same Day Dentures procedure?

During the Same Day Dentures procedure, the dentist will take impressions of the patient's mouth to create a custom set of dentures. These impressions will be sent to a dental lab where the dentures will be made. Once the dentures are ready, the patient will return to the dentist's office to have them fitted. The dentist will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit, and the patient can leave the office with their brand new dentures the same day.

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